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Connie Carter
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2b6492015.07.22 23:55
so hot
g5ysbgf2014.09.15 14:50
i want to fuk that ass
sex2014.04.10 19:25
wow i have a such big booobs
Bill2014.02.20 15:41
Strip for me Connie
horny2013.11.15 20:29
me again. i just can't get enough of your beautiful body. i'd love to pleasure you all over til you shutter in extasy. :) :)>
horny2013.09.03 23:25
you are simply beatiful connie. those tits are perfect and i'd like to sink my tongue deep into that sweet pussy of yours. :)
Sexy2013.05.02 20:16
I fucking suck at tis
Admin2012.12.17 08:18
That is an extreme case of bad luck. The cards are randomly generated. I tried myself and was able to get to the next level in just 8 draws. Just try again.
rebelh82012.12.16 19:08
This sucks. After at least 503 hands (I don't know how many I played before I started counting), I have not been able to get off level 1. The computer has won EVERY hand - even in the most unlikely bets (e.g. 'Higher' with a Queen or 'Lower' with a 2.

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